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Good news! One doctoral program and two master's programs have been added in our hospital
2021/11/16 14:58 (Photo by Jia Wei, food College

A few days ago, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council issued the notice on Issuing the list of authorized doctoral and master's degrees approved in 2020 (academic degree [2021] No. 14), announcing the list of authorized disciplines and professional degree categories.

The food science and engineering discipline of our college has been successfully approved as the first-class discipline doctoral degree authorization point, which is the second in our province and the third in Northwest China. Bioengineering has been approved as the first level discipline master's degree authorization point in our province; Agriculture (food processing and safety) has been approved as a master's degree authorization point.

Up to now, our hospital has 1 first-class discipline doctoral degree authorization point, three first-class discipline master degree authorization points (Food Science and engineering, pharmacy, Bioengineering), and two master's degree authorization points (biology and medicine, agriculture food processing and safety); Focusing on the strategic development of "healthy China" and "western development", the discipline structure is further optimized, and the school running characteristics of "light industry foundation, interdisciplinary and serving local areas" are further highlighted, and the comprehensive strength of school running is further enhanced.

In recent years, adhering to the major needs of "facing people's life and health" and the main battlefield of regional economy, our college has continuously refined the discipline direction and characteristics, and has made great strides in personnel training, scientific research and social service by building disciplinary echelons, creating innovation platforms, and deepening connotation and quality construction.

Relying on the innovative engineering talent training system of undergraduate, master and doctoral students, adhering to the engineering tradition of more than 60 years, our college will firmly promote high-quality development, strive to create a first-class discipline in China, and improve the overall school running level and social influence of the college.

(checked by: Sun min, edited by: Zhang Yi)

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